How many posts and stories should we post daily?

How many posts and stories should we post on Instagram daily? This is a question that many Instagram users ask themselves these days. As you know, there is no limit to posting and storing on Instagram page. But because many pages are business, some users ask us how planning to publish posts and stories can have a positive impact on their business. In fact, in the popular mode, they ask me how many posts I should post, my followers will increase, and they even ask me how many posts I should post daily so that the user does not follow me and still wants to follow my page.

Let me tell you right from the start that there is no magic number for the number of posts and stories per day. We all know that in every work the audience we interact with is different. This makes this number different depending on the purpose and subject of your page. In the continuation of this article, we have mentioned the points that affect the increase and decrease of this number, so stay with us until the end of the article.

Tips that affect the number of posts and stories

Is it really important to post a few posts and stories on Instagram every day? Statistics show that posting an average of 1.5 posts can have a positive effect on the growth of your page. That is, post one or two posts a day so that users and followers do not get frustrated and continue to interact with your followers. The best way to understand followers’ comments and reactions is to test a different number of posts. Of course, take a look at your competitors and observe their behavior.

This means that if it is not possible for you to leave a post every day and for example you can have a post twice a week, you should try to keep these two days a week and post on certain days. For example, send a post on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week. The most important thing about posting on Instagram is order. You have to follow a certain order. But in order to be able to do good branding and always be in the eyes of the people, posting a post daily can help you. Also a long break and, as mentioned, disorder; It will have a bad image of your brand.

This order will greatly affect your performance. So publish at least one or two posts a day on your page. Of course, as we said, this number may be different for your page. Many factors affect the number of posts and stories you should publish. The most important ones are the purpose of the page, your competitors and the day of publishing your post or story.

1- The purpose of the page in selecting the number of Instagram posts per day

In response to the question that we should post a few posts and stories on Instagram daily, I must say that the most important thing is to pay attention to the purpose of your page. The purpose of the page is to influence the number of posts you make. Let me clarify this with an example. We assume that the purpose of your page is news. Well, users are all waiting to follow your page from time to time and be informed of the latest news and topics. Therefore, such pages should post more than 5 posts a day that can have good news coverage.

Now suppose your page is a business page. Such pages should publish at most two posts a day so that users do not get bored and follow their page constantly. Always try to determine the purpose of your page before posting, and more importantly, pay attention to the needs of your users, because excessive posting can have the opposite effect.

Today, Instagram has become the most popular platform for business owners, and many pages use Instagram to introduce or sell their product or service. There must be other pages in your work area that have monopolized a range of audiences. You need to evaluate the performance of the top pages in your subject area in order to increase the number of your followers.

For example, follow your competitor’s pages and check how many posts and stories they publish in a day. Finally, you can get an average of the number of all posts, and many users will certainly agree with you in this regard. As a result, with this method, you will definitely get closer to your users and realize that in order to achieve the best result, you should post a few posts and stories on Instagram daily.

When is the best time to post on Instagram? Users generally spend more time on Instagram on holidays. That’s why you need to publish more posts and stories these days. Because users spend more time on Instagram. For example, you publish more posts and stories on Fridays. For example, if you publish 2 posts on normal days, publish 3 or 4 posts on holidays. This number of posts will help attract more followers to your page.

In the daily article, let’s put some posts and stories on Instagram, we mentioned the points that affect the number of posts and stories that you should publish. One of the things you should pay special attention to is that at times when very important news is being spread on Instagram; Users are trying very hard to find posts related to those topics. You can also use such posts from time to time and increase the number of your followers at a certain time.

Note: Your posts should not be so small that you lose contact with your followers. And on the other hand, it should not be so much and with short intervals that it will confuse the followers and cause them to leave your page. (Of course, as mentioned, this is very much related to your goal).

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Key points from the number of posts and stories published

1-If you can not publish a post one day, try to be active in the stories. Stories play an important role in the growth of pages. Try to have at least two or three stories a day.

2-Note that your posts and stories must be interesting, entertaining and appropriate to the interests of your followers, otherwise you will not succeed in leaving posts and stories.

3-Statistics show that Instagram is more popular during off-peak hours, non-working hours, nights and holidays, and on social media as a whole, so find out these times.

4-Do not try to use other people’s content and try to innovate in your work. Of course, attractive innovations!

5-Do not post anything under the pretext of being active. Be sure to choose your content and posts in line with your goals.

6-It is very important to note that according to the new Instagram algorithms, your ranking and your page will be done per post, and the number of low-quality posts will not affect your growth.

Finally, how many posts and stories should we post on Instagram daily to get the best results? In general, during your ranking, Instagram pays attention to how much interaction your post has received from your users. The number of interactions, ie likes, comments, save and of course sharing, will be among the factors determining the quality of your post and, of course, your page rank. Now suppose you send a lot of posts a day but the interaction rate of some is low. This will affect your ranking.


In this article, we answered the question of how many posts and stories to post on Instagram daily. In each of the social networks, based on the platform, facilities and followers that they have, different rules govern how to operate. In Instagram, the principle of your progress and getting a good ranking in the interaction rate that your users have with you and your brand. By following the principles and tips governing the number of posts and stories mentioned in this article, you can get a good ranking on Instagram.

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