6 practical techniques for writing the best Instagram caption

Instagram caption is a powerful tool that, if used properly, will help make your posts more visible. An attractive caption draws the user’s attention while scrolling to your post and prevents the user from easily skipping your post. In fact, the Instagram caption completes your post! If you want to know more about writing captions on Instagram and learn how to write a good caption, join us at the end of this article.

What is the Instagram caption?

The Instagram caption is the same as the text or description below the posts. In fact, the Instagram caption is a description of the photo you published. These explanations help to clarify the meaning of the published photo. This text can include emoticons, hashtags and even tags of other Instagram accounts. The Instagram caption can hold up to 2,000 characters in total.

If you use Instagram to sell your products, the Instagram caption is very important to you. Suppose your job is to sell shoes. People who are interested in buying shoes are looking for a certain type of shoes or looking for special discounts when viewing your posts. You can use Instagram captions to show these and persuade them to buy from you by writing the appropriate caption.

In general, it can be said that the Instagram caption shows the identity and subject of your post to your users. The more attractive your captions are, the more your posts will be viewed. In the meantime, you should not skip the captioning facilities easily. In the Instagram caption, you can place different hashtags and include different people, including friends or famous accounts, in your caption.

How to write an attractive caption?

Writing a good caption can be very difficult. Many questions come to us when writing captions. Are captions funny or serious? Is our tone formal or familiar? Should we use emojis and hashtags? These are all questions that come to mind when writing captions. That’s why we decided to gather the tips you need to write an ideal caption, which you can read in the rest of this article.

Below are many posts on Instagram where advertising captions are written. In this way, with the publication of each post, the same captions are written under all posts. Usually the text of such captions is advertising. We do not accept this type of Instagram caption at all. If you do this, give at least a brief description of the post and enter its hashtags then insert the ad text.

Writing a caption starts with yourself, which means you must first be aware of your purpose, then write the text of the published post. Avoid writing dry or advertising texts as much as possible. Try to use more friendly texts so that the user feels intimate with you and is encouraged to communicate with you through comments.

6 practical techniques for writing the best Instagram caption
6 practical techniques for writing the best Instagram caption

Having a complete knowledge of your users and targeting based on them is one of the most strategic ways to increase followers. When you know your followers and know which strata of society they are from, you will definitely see the answer to your efforts in the not too distant future. This includes the Instagram caption. Suppose you know enough about your users and publish posts related to their interests. Definitely more users will see your post by writing a suitable caption related to the topic of the published post. It also allows users to comment on different comments in your post, which will increase your page engagement rate.

By reading these articles, you may be wondering how you can get to know the target audience of your users in order to organize your activity based on this target community. There are two ways about this option. The first option is the statistical information provided through Facebook. To activate this feature, just connect your account to your Facebook account so that your Instagram account becomes a business or a store. The second solution is to rely on the experiences you have gained since starting your business on Instagram. You will come to an empirical knowledge of your users over time, which you will definitely get by targeting these experiences correctly.

Writing an interesting first sentence will make the user curious about your post and encourage the user to read the rest of the caption. This is a surefire way to increase the time your users visit your post. For example, you can use a controversial or controversial phrase at the beginning of your caption. Using this trick not only increases the user pause time on your post but also increases the likelihood that the user will respond to your post by leaving a comment. This will also increase the chances of your posts getting explored.

Note that Instagram only shows the first sentence or two of your caption on your users page. As a result, your followers will have to choose more to read the full text. So it is important to start your caption stormy because if you can not get the user’s attention in the very first sentence, the user will most likely scroll and skip your post.

Definitely writing a short caption that conveys your main message to visitors is more valuable than a long caption with the same functionality. If you have been careful, you yourself did not pay much attention to the caption section of the relevant posts when reviewing the posts of other pages, and you only read these captions temporarily or looked them in the eye. But if in the meantime you like a caption and a post, you will definitely read it to the end.

So far, we come to two points. The first is to summarize the text of our caption and write it with a specific purpose, and the second is to pay special attention to the beginning of our text to encourage visitors to read the rest of the caption text. Of course, there is no obligation to summarize your Instagram caption. As mentioned above, you can put up to 2000 characters in your caption, which can include text, waves and.

The effect of emojis on Instagram, especially in Instagram captions, can not be ignored. Emoji or the same emoticon can have a good effect on conveying the overall concept of your post to your users. It can also stimulate them to read the full text of the caption.

There are several emojis to convey your overall purpose to your audience. From funny emojis to intimate emojis that can show your intimacy. Yes intimacy! You should not treat your users dry and soulless. Instagram caption is one of the best ways to show your intimacy or humor. So this opportunity should not be missed. Be creative in your captions and create a kind of intimacy between yourself and your users.

6 practical techniques for writing the best Instagram caption
6 practical techniques for writing the best Instagram caption

One of the most important features of the Instagram caption section is hashtags. We have already explained about the hashtags, so we do not want to write about it at the moment, but about the hashtags in the Instagram caption, I must say that by using the hashtag in your Instagram caption, you will increase the traffic of your post by at least 12%. Of course, you can increase this amount by increasing the number of your shots, which we do not recommend.

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We recommend using 4 hashtags per post and we do not recommend using more than this number. Use hashtags that are relevant to your post and avoid hashtags that are not related to the topic of the post. Of course, be careful in choosing hashtags. Use high-traffic hashtags.

Try to put hashtags at the end of your caption or tag the words if there are the same words in the text. In some pages, it has been seen that immediately after publishing the post, the admin of the page comments on another hashtag, which we do not consider correct.

In addition to hashtags, you can also tag other accounts. From your friends to famous Instagram accounts, by tagging them, you give a different color to your Instagram caption. By doing this, you will both inform them of your post and introduce others to their page.


In this article, we have told you tips about Instagram captions that can increase the views of your posts. You can challenge your users with methods such as asking a question or making a request to make the captions of the posts you publish more attractive. Do not publish the relevant post directly after writing the caption. Read it before publishing it. If there is a problem somewhere, correct it. You can even consult a friend before publishing the post.

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